Mining / Oil Blocks

Mining / Oil Blocks

Africa is richly endowed with variety of Mineral deposits, most of which are yet to be explored.

Africa’s mining sector is diverse in mineral resources, including high value commodities
Abundant Mineral Resources occur in all the components of African Geology.
Current exploratory studies show that there is potential for exploration and exploitation of various minerals within the countries in Africa. This illustrates significant opportunity for investing in the solid minerals sector in Africa.


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Mining license concessions in Africa


We operate at the highest level of governments in Africa to help bring inward investments into Africa.

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Iron Ore mining license
Bauxite mining license
Copper mining license
Gold mining license
Iron Ore mining license
Lead mining license
Nickel mining license
Platinum mining license
Zinc mining license
Titanium mining license
Diamond mining license
Phosphate Rock mining license
Uranium mining license
Oil and Gas Exploration and exploitation license
Bitumen Exploration and exploitation license

Other minerals and metals include:

Marble, gypsum, magnesite, tantalite, rock crystal, laterites, topas, sandstones, mercury, glass sand, zircon, spinel, emerald, graphite, tourmaline, mica, iron ore, clay minerals, diatomite, coal, garnet, aquamarine, zoisite, amethyst chalcopyrite, kaolin, limestone, chalcedony, onyx, barytes, zinc, tin, quartz, mica, wolframite, columbite, platinum, ruby,  cassiterite, columbite, illmenite galena, phyrochlorite, gemstone, tin ore, monazite, thorium, granite, beryl, Gold, manganese, black tourmaline, quartz, mica, silimanite, chromites, diamond, potash, silica sand, quartz, talc, dolomite, aquamarine, gemstones, calcite, bentonitic, sapphire, etc.

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