Social Duty

Social and environmental responsibilities

A fundamental principle of Slic Group is to contribute to the wealth and welfare of the communities it operates, create jobs and provide technical training for local people. We recognize the need to give back to the community. We regard social and environmental responsibilities as integral parts of our overall business practice.

Support to society

In today’s society, big businesses are frequently blamed for the misfortune and mistreatment of others because they do not take responsibility for their actions.

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As part of our on-going Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we embody the spirit of reinvesting in our employee welfare, involvement in community developmental activities like housing, education, health, social facilities, programs to stimulate sustainable community and incidental commercial development and care for the environment in which our company operates.

We encourage our partners to support worthwhile community programmes and initiatives, particularly those undertaken by deserving charities in the health, social and child welfare sectors. For example:

  • The provision of IT education and AIDS education at local schools, and the installation of equipment to supply safe water.
  • Installation of solar-powered water supply facilities.
  • The provision of emergency rescue, first aid, community health, and HIV and AIDS care and support services.
  • The provision of essential foodstuffs at children’s homes.
  • The provision of shelter, food and education for street children.
  • The provision of electricity. 
  • The rehabilitation of dilapidated educational facilities and enhancement of computing facilities for the provision of quality education.

Protection of the environment

Slic Group believes in corporate environmental responsibility in the world we live in. We help to tackle critical challenges faced by local communities as part of group-wide initiatives such as the afforestation, water and forest preservation programs that are underway in different parts of Africa.